How To Add Multiple Videos To Instagram Story

How To Add Multiple Videos To Instagram Story: Are you keen to take your Instagram stories up a notch by learning how to combine multiple videos? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll provide instructions on doing just that and suggest ways of producing eye-catching tales with the help of several clips. Get set to tap into your creative side and make sure your IG Stories pop out from the crowd!

How To Add Multiple Videos To Instagram Story

How To Add Multiple Videos To Instagram Story

When you have a more comprehensive tale to tell than just one photo or video can, adding multiple videos to your Instagram story is the perfect way to captivate and immerse viewers. It helps them better comprehend what message you are trying to share through moments of yours.

It is important that limitations like the length for individual stories (15 seconds) as well as the size of files be taken into account before proceeding with this method for boosting engagement and views on social media platforms like Instagram Stories.

Why Add Multiple Videos to Your Instagram Story?

Adding multiple videos to an Instagram story offers the potential for increased viewer engagement, providing a more immersive experience than just one video or image. Multiple clips can be used to tell a compelling narrative, which is far easier achieved with several pieces of footage compared to only using one single clip.

The idea behind this technique is that viewers will stay engaged and have an interest in watching until the end of your story, even potentially sharing it amongst their friends! With these various videos, you could give insight into an event, offer instructional tutorials, or simply share different parts of your life/business journey. All make use of multiple visuals instead of sticking solely with one single video.

Limitations and Restrictions

Before you attempt to include multiple videos in your Instagram story, it is essential to be aware of the restrictions and constraints. Each individual video can only last for 15 seconds. Meaning if one wants to share a longer clip they will need to break it up into smaller parts or compress several clips together so that it fits within this time frame.

There are also limits on each file size, as well as total length when dealing with pictures and videos, added onto an Instagram story – making sure these limitations aren’t exceeded guarantees viewers have a smooth viewing experience overall.

Step-by-Step Guide: Adding Multiple Videos to One Instagram Story

Are you ready to include several videos in your Instagram story? We have the perfect step-by-step guide for that! It will walk you through selecting, editing, and customizing clips from your gallery.

Once the necessary videos are chosen, trimming, cropping or adding filters can be done so they’re as desired before being posted in the story. Just make sure everything is how it should be and then post away, multiple video stories here we come!

Accessing Your Gallery and Selecting Videos

To post multiple videos, photos, and other visuals to your Instagram story on an iPhone, open the app. Tap the camera icon in the top left corner then tap ‘Photo’ which is at the bottom left of the screen for access to Camera Roll. From there you can select all relevant media for adding it into stories. Add a ‘+’ symbol so they are together in one go when posted later! You’ll be able to now move forward with customization once chosen media has been added correctly within the IG Story instance from the iPhone device itself.

Editing and Customizing Your Videos

Instagram provides different tools that make customizing your videos easier and more attractive when posted on the app. Although it does not have an in-built editing feature, you can use third-party programs like InShot or VEED to edit multiple photos and videos before publishing them onto Instagram.

The trimming of your video clips can be done within the Instagram app by selecting all pictures or footage you want trimming and then tapping on the scissors icon located at the bottom left corner from which point sliders could be used for selection of both start and end points.

To apply filters as well as stickers simply pick out a clip first followed by hitting the filter icon placed also towards the lower left section allowing users various types of visual alterations so they stand out among other posts created.

Sharing Your Instagram Story with Multiple Videos

Once you have finished editing and personalizing your videos, it’s time to share them as one Instagram story with numerous clips. All you need is to click the “Next” button after customizing your videos for a successful sharing process no matter which device – Apple or Android – you are using.

Keep in mind that each of these videos will play individually like individual stories. Viewers should be tapping through each clip so they can get through the whole narrative. If this approach is followed correctly, then an engaging and interesting Instagram story featuring many clips could result thus keeping followers on their toes looking out for more content from yourself!

Combining Multiple Videos into One for Your Instagram Story

If you’re looking for an alternative way to upload your multiple videos into one single Instagram story, FlexClip is a great online video editing tool that could be of help. The free editor has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and gives users access to many customization options such as cutting clips, adding transitions or attaching music tracks.

Merging several videos together using FlexClip can also easily be done with just a few simple clicks! Other popular video editors are available if you want even more advanced features when it comes down to the merging process and editing of your videos.

Using FlexClip for Video Merging

FlexClip is an online Instagram video editor that offers plenty of options for users to craft content, including merging multiple videos, adding effects, and customization. It comes with a wide selection of tools tailored towards creating professional-looking clips as well as royalty-free resources and templates for photos and videos all at no cost.

Merging several pieces together is easy: just upload your shots onto the platform, arrange them in order then merge using the tool provided – FlexClip also provides trimming/splitting features if needed. Its interface makes it possible even inexperienced creators can create high-quality edits without difficulty!

Other Video Editing Tools

To FlexClip, there are numerous other video editing tools used for joining various videos together. These include InShot and Adobe Premiere Rush which feature a multitude of functions that make it straightforward to modify the clips before uniting them into one single movie. These apps also offer customizable templates as well as effects that enable you to craft polished finished products.

Other popular software options for merging multiple videos include PowerDirector, Filmora Video Editor, Aiseesoft Video Joiner, and Adobe Premiere Pro too. If not, or if you would rather utilize an online solution, then Clideo & VEED could be your answer where uploads combined with easy-to-follow instructions get the job done quickly!


Ultimately, crafting Instagram stories with multiple videos can create an even more absorbing and enthralling experience for your viewers. All you have to do is remember the basics of combining clips together, follow our instructions precisely, and make full use of video editing software.

This way, it will be much easier to share several short films at once on your profile! Selecting relevant footage wisely in order to build visual as well as textual intrigue should also come into consideration when creating such content.

To top things off, adding sound effects or musical pieces might elevate all the above-mentioned components Still, resulting in remarkable Instagram Stories that definitely stand out from the rest!

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